Lakers Fans Wait Long Time for Disappointing Game

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The Lakers were humiliated last night when they allowed the Boston Celtics to overcome a 24 point deficit and win Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Just before the game started, KPCC's Brian Watt found a line of about 50 people waiting for tickets they hoped the arena would release at the last minute. The first 20 had been in line since Wednesday. A groggy 21-year-old communications major at Cal State Monterey Bay was holding the 12th place in line.

Jose Sanchez: My name's Jose Sanchez. I've been out here since 10 in the night last night.

Brian Watt: Since 10 o'clock last night?

Sanchez: Since 10 o'clock.

Watt: So wait a minute, how does that work?

Sanchez: They give out little papers, and everyone gets a number. Whoever gets here first, you know, you just get in line, and you just wait. And we've been waiting since 10 o'clock last night, and we still waiting 'til they release some tickets.

Watt: So you're here in one of those nifty yard chairs that kind of collapses, and it has a little place for a beverage and all that. Is that what you slept on last night?

Sanchez: Uh, actually, I haven't even slept since last night, so I'm still waiting. Yeah. It's not real comfortable. You can't really sleep on this chair.

Watt: So tell me why. Tell me why you do this.

Sanchez: I just love the Lakers, man, ever since I was little. I grew up, you know, my family.

Watt: Where exactly did you grow up?

Sanchez: I grew up in South Gate, California, not too far from here.

Man in background: Yeah, South Gate!

Sanchez: Yeah. My family's big Laker fans, and, you know, this is a great experience, you know?

Watt: Yeah.

Sanchez: Just want to be a part of it. Want to see them win another championship.

Watt: Now you were also out here for game 3. How'd that work out?

Sanchez: I got here about 10.

Watt: Ten, what, in the morning, or in the–

Sanchez: Ten in the morning. I ended up being probably the 30th person in line, but thank God that I ended up being the last person to get tickets. So, I got lucky, and I got in. There was four people in front of me, but they didn't want 'em for some reason, and I took 'em. Once I bought 'em, they announced that I was the last person, that all the tickets were sold out for that game.

Watt: So how much did you pay for your ticket?

Sanchez: I bought two tickets, section 107, for 165 each.

Watt: 165 each? And, so where is section 107?

Sanchez: It's behind the basket.

Watt: Way up there, or pretty close?

Sanchez: Row 15. It's pretty good.

Watt: That's real good! That's real good!