Governor Schwarzenegger, four predecessors join in opposition to Proposition 5

Governor Schwarzenegger and his four predecessors announced their opposition to Proposition 5 yesterday. KPCC's Frank Stoltze reports it was a rare joint appearance by the last five California governors.

Frank Stoltze: Schwarzenegger and former governors Davis, Wilson, Brown, and Deukmejian gathered outside L.A.'s downtown criminal courts to denounce Prop 5. The measure would divert potentially thousands of non-violent criminals from prison to drug rehabilitation.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger: It is a grave threat to the people's safety and it's a grave threat to our neighborhoods.
Governor Gray Davis: They say spend a billion dollars trying to rehabilitate, but they don't provide a revenue source.
Governor Pete Wilson: This is the most dangerous thing that has come along in many, many times.
Governor Jerry Brown: It destroys accountability.
Governor George Deukmejian: And I certainly would urge people to vote no on Proposition 5.

Stoltze: Dave Fratello is campaign manger for Yes on Prop 5.

Dave Fratello: They're wrong. This is campaign scare tactics.

Stoltze: Fratello says judges would weed out criminals who fake drug addiction to avoid prison.

Fratello: They, in combination with clinical assessments by real treatment professionals – which is part of the law – will be able to judge whether somebody is gaming the system or somebody really has an addiction problem.

Stoltze: At the same time, the California Judges Association opposes Prop 5. The group warns the measure could clog the courts. The legislative analyst predicts Prop 5 would cost $1 billion, but says savings could exceed that because fewer people would go to prison.