Jobs fair at Compton college draws thousands

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The El Camino College Compton Center hosted an employment and career expo Wednesday. KPCC's Brian Watt says dozens of employers showed up with jobs to fill. Connie Jones distributes her resume during the Employment and Career Expo at El Camino College Compton Center.

Brian Watt: For about a decade, Joseph Lewis has helped coordinate annual job expos for the college. This year, he figured that 3,000 job seekers would pass through for face time with 75 potential employers – from banks and security firms to non-profits and police departments. He vetted the employers to make sure they're actually hiring.

Joseph Lewis: Let's face it. A lot of people need a paycheck. They need to be paid right now. And they need to be assured that at the end of certain period, there's gonna be a certain amount of money waiting for them, and those are the type of employers that we encourage to participate in this event.

Watt: The expo was open to students at the college, and to anyone else who could get there. Connie Jones drove from Long Beach to continue a job search she'd started three months ago.

Connie Jones: I'm not panicking yet, right now. But I'm hoping something will come up within a few months, at least, before I start going crazy. (laughs)

Watt: Jones has worked more than 20 years in collections, credit, and accounts receivable. She said that two years ago, her employer outsourced her department to India.

Then she moved to Texas for work – and that job ended. Jones and her 10-year-old son are staying with a friend until she can land a steady paycheck.

Jones: We can work out the money part, you know, just to get me on my feet again.

Watt: She added that medical benefits would be good, too.