A Dodger first: a woman does play-by-play

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Dodgers officials say they’re breaking new ground tonight. For the first time ever, a woman’s announcing the play-by-play for the team. KPCC's Shirley Jahad has more.

The Dodgers want to open up the field to more voices. So as part of its Women’s Initiatives Project, the team is bringing in former Fox sports broadcaster Jeanne Zelasko for a Webcast play-by-play.

Team vice president Charles Steinberg says the Dodgers hope this’ll appeal to baseball newcomers, and to true blue fans.

Charles Steinberg: “This is not a ‘Baseball 101.’ This is to make sure the voices of women are delivering perspectives every bit as much as the voices of men.”

Steinberg says the team’s continuing the momentum that began when women sports writers first made their way into major league locker rooms about 30 years ago.

Charles Steinberg: “The actual description of a ground ball to shortstop that fields cleanly and throws to first would be similar. What you may find is part of the painting of the picture of the game and the stadium and the crowd. You're inviting other perspectives, you're inviting other portraits.”

You can hear Jeanne Zelasko’s play-by-play during this season’s Wednesday home games, online at http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com