Another ballot measure might turn tide in same-sex marriage battle

The battle in California over same-sex marriage isn't finished – and KPCC's Nick Roman says the result next time could be different.

Nick Roman: This began nine years ago when voters approved Proposition 22 – a statute that said "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." Last May, the state Supreme Court invalidated that measure. Proposition 8 had the same wording as 22 – but it's a constitutional amendment not as easily dislodged by a court decision. But voters could overturn it.

Backers of same-sex marriage intend to put a measure on the ballot – and it might succeed. Prop 22 passed with more than 61 percent of the vote. Eight years later, Prop 8 also passed – but with only 52 percent. The 22 percentage point margin of victory that opponents of same-sex marriage had with Prop 22 was down to 4.

And even though Prop 8 passed in L.A., Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, it earned much less support than Prop 22. One more year and one more election are all that backers of same-sex marriage might need to win.