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Governor Schwarzenegger says budget disaster must lead to budget reform

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says the state’s budget crisis offers California a chance to fix its nagging budget problems – if state lawmakers are willing to do it.

In an interview today on KPCC's “Patt Morrison,” the two-term Republican said it’s time to revamp California's tax system to make it easier for businesses to grow and succeed. Schwarzenegger said lawmakers have to tackle that job – and not expect voters to do it with ballot measures.

Governor Schwarzenegger: "The people want us to go and solve those problems in here in this building. They’ve sent us to Sacramento to straighten this out. And then when we’ve done that and when we can go and live within our means and streamline the way we perform and deliver those services, then you can go to the people and they will be more than happy to join us as they have so many other times and help out, and say 'OK, I approve those measures.'"

Governor Schwarzenegger also said he wants to see initiative reform. He says a system that has great benefits is often abused by those upset that they can’t get their way in Sacramento.