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Funeral services for murdered high school football standout

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Stevie Wonder (singing): “Our father, which art in heaven... hallowed be..."

Stevie Wonder sang the Lord’s Prayer yesterday at the funeral of 18-year-old Dannie Farber. Someone shot the Narbonne High School football standout almost two weeks ago while he and his girlfriend ate at a Compton restaurant.

Hundreds of Farber’s friends, relatives, and teammates poured into a church in Gardena to hear from coaches, faith leaders, and the much-honored recording artist.

Wonder: "I never had the pleasure of meeting Dannie, yet I’ve heard stories about young men like Danny. Young men who had the potential of being another Barack Obama." [applause]

Teachers described Dannie Farber as a focused and hard-working student. He had planned to play football at Los Angeles Harbor College, then become a firefighter.