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Mitigation money meetings for Middle Harbor in Long Beach

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Port officials in Long Beach begin a series of public meetings this week to decide how they’ll spend $15 million earmarked for the community. KPCC’s Molly Peterson tells us the money is tied to a port expansion project.

Port officials say the new Middle Harbor terminal will run cleaner and greener than it does now. It’ll also be bigger – and people who live in Long Beach near the port say that it’ll probably create more traffic on rail lines and freeways.

Middle Harbor’s been approved by harbor commissioners and the city of Long Beach. It’s still facing legal challenges from Riverside and some environmental groups, as well as skepticism from its neighbors. To address community concerns, harbor officials created a $10 million fund for air filtration at schools, community centers, and senior centers.

There’s also a $5 million kitty for offsetting greenhouse gas pollution. Starting Wednesday and over the next several weeks, Long Beach Harbor officials will take specific suggestions about where and how to spend the money.