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SAG members ratify contract

The votes are counted, and members of the Screen Actors Guild have voted overwhelmingly to ratify a contract with film and prime-time television producers. KPCC’s Brian Watt has more.

Brian Watt: More than three-quarters of the SAG members who voted supported the contract. Guild members had worked under the terms of a contract that expired almost a year ago, while Guild leaders tried to improve on deals other unions had reached with the Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers. Those leaders didn’t succeed, but SAG board member Ned Vaughn applauded contract supporters for looking ahead.

Ned Vaughn: It’s real gains that are going to put actors back to work and money in our pockets, and importantly, it puts us in a position to maximize our bargaining strength in the next round of negotiations. And that’s critical.

Watt: The contract immediately raises actors' wages by 3 percent, and by another 3-and-a-half percent a year from now. SAG president Alan Rosenberg opposed the contract for not paying actors enough for their work distributed in new media. But he said the members have spoken.

Alan Rosenberg: If the deal is as bad as we think it is, then people will be motivated to stand up in two years and fight the good fight.

Watt: In two years, the contract expires – around the same time as other Hollywood labor deals.