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Judge skeptical of lifting LAPD consent decree

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A federal judge in Los Angeles Monday said he’s reluctant to relax federal oversight of the LAPD.
KPCC’s Frank Stoltze has more.

Frank Stoltze: U.S. District Judge Gary Feess said the LAPD’s made important reforms. But he wondered why the Justice Department and the city want to replace the consent decree that’s guided those reforms with a weaker transition agreement as it addresses remaining issues that include racial profiling.

Police Chief Bill Bratton echoed the LAPD’s court-appointed monitor; both said the federal overseer should reward the department for “extraordinary” progress. Outside court, Bratton said the decree weighs heavily on his officers.

Bill Bratton: We cannot underestimate the psychological impact of not letting the department out from under the consent decree.

Stoltze: Under the proposed transition agreement, the police commission’s inspector general would replace the federal monitor. While he would maintain oversight, Judge Feess said he worried about the strength of the agreement. He asked the Department of Justice and the city to respond to his concerns within a week.