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Humor profs turn CSULB into Comedy Central

Cal State Long Beach is “Comedy Central” for the next three days. The campus is hosting humor scholars from around the world as part of the 21st International Society for Humor Studies conference.

Cal State Long Beach communications professor Amy Bippus organized this year’s conference. She says participants will talk about humor in last year’s presidential elections, the fear of being laughed at, and how to use humor in teaching. Bippus studies humor in personal relationships.

Amy Bippus: "If you think about it, everyone says that they’re looking for a partner with a sense of humor, Everybody tends to think that they have a sense of humor. It seems so intuitively obvious to me that everyone’s interested in it. And it’s so pervasive in our lives but we often don’t take it seriously. It seems deceptively simple. But if you really think about what it takes to pull off humor, it’s very complex."

The ISHS conference includes participants from Poland, Spain, and China. One of the highlights is a stand-up comedy competition between the academics that study humor and professional comedians who know how to tell a joke.