LA Unified school board to vote on massive budget cuts

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The Los Angeles Unified School Board has scheduled a meeting today at 1 in the afternoon. Its outcome could change the school district for years to come. KPCC's Adolfo Guzman-Lopez has the story.

The school board's tackling a 39-item agenda. Item number 1 is the most important. It's the formal adoption of budget cuts for the fiscal years that's ending – and the one that begins soon.

The state budget deficit is forcing the school board to cut more than a billion-and-a-half dollars from this year's and next year's budgets. The school board's cut support staff positions, transportation, and central office costs. Its biggest expense is paying nearly 40,000 teachers. Superintendent Ramon Cortines says teacher layoffs are inevitable. About 2,000 teachers face layoffs. The district's unions have opposed the layoffs every step of the way.

Other school districts have avoided some pink slips by negotiating pay cuts with unions. L.A. Unified's superintendent and teachers' union have failed to agree on any pay cuts or employee furloughs.