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Bratton says LAPD is improved, wants consent decree lifted

A judge will decide next week whether to lift a federal monitor’s oversight of the Los Angeles Police Department. The consent decree that put the monitor in place came after the Rampart Scandal 10 years ago.

L.A. Police Chief Bill Bratton told KPCC’s "Patt Morrison" that the judge should recognize the progress his department has made – and remove the consent decree.

William Bratton: "We are arguing if you continue the consent decree, symbolically that basically is a slap in the face of the department. The polling by the L.A. Times shows that a majority of the people in this city feel this department is really doing a good job.

"The judge would be effectively saying, 'Well, you had work over the last eight years. Well, it doesn’t count. We’re going to keep you in this consent decree for three more years.'”

The federal monitor and City of L.A. have proposed that the judge replace the consent decree with a transition agreement. It would measure the LAPD’s compliance in three areas – including whether the department shows bias in its policing. Bratton says the L.A. Police Department is already addressing the three areas.