LA Unified and unions still at odds over cuts

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As she cast a vote in favor of budget cuts and employee layoffs on Tuesday, L.A. Unified’s board president said she hoped the tone between school district administrators and labor unions would change. As KPCC’s Adolfo Guzman-Lopez reports, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The ill will continued. L.A. Unified administrators say labor unions haven’t come up with alternatives to budget cuts and layoffs. A coalition of eight school district labor unions answered back, saying that’s not true. They accused administrators of stonewalling their efforts to show L.A. Unified’s bureaucracy could be cut even more.

Labor unions in other Southland school districts have agreed to contract concessions. But L.A. Unified’s unions and administrators have made no such agreements despite months of meetings.

United Teachers Los Angeles said nothing came out of a meeting with L.A. Unified administrators regarding layoffs and increasing class sizes. L.A. Unified approved a three-year budget to meet a July 1st deadline. Union leaders and administrators are talking about exemptions to the deadline. Both sides say they need more time, but they don’t agree on what solutions they might agree to if they get it.