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New fiscal year, new taxes in LA County

July 1st marks the start of a new fiscal year – and in Los Angeles, you’ll get a fiscal reminder right away. KPCC’s Nick Roman says the the sales tax will go up a half-cent on the dollar.

The extra money goes to pay for various projects for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The 9.75 percent sales tax rate applies throughout L.A. County, except in a handful of cities that already have higher sales tax rates. That means in Inglewood, El Monte, and Avalon, the sales tax rates will rise to 10.25 percent.

But they won’t be at the top of the list in L.A. County. Pico Rivera and South Gate share that distinction. Once you tack on the extra half-cent that starts on July 1st, their sales tax rates go up to 10.75 percent – still tops in L.A. County.

You can blame L.A. County’s tax hike on... you. You voted for the extra half-cent in November.

And if you live in Laguna Beach, you can thank yourself for voting in March to discontinue an extra half-cent sales tax. The Laguna Beach sales tax goes down to 8.75 percent on July 1st to match the rest of Orange County.

The state Board of Equalization has a list of the local sales tax rates in California. Click the link to the left.