Judge tosses conviction against accused cyber bully

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A federal judge has aquitted a Missouri mother for her role in a cyberbullying hoax against a 13 year old girl. The teenager later committed suicide.

In the case that drew national attention, Lori Drew was accused of setting up a fake myspace account to harrass the teenage girl. Drew's daughter said she was in a feud with 13 year old Megan Meier. Drew helped create the phony personna of a boy first interested in Meier. Then the boy dumped the girl in online messages. Shortly after that, the teen killed herself. Drew wasn't charged with Megan's death. Prosecutors indicted her for computer fraud. The jury dropped felony charges but convicted her in November of three misdemeanors. Prosecutors wanted Drew to get three years behind bars.

But the federal judge in Los Angeles threw out the guilty verdict ... saying a conviction would set a precident that would make a criminal out of anyone who ever violated a social networking site's agreement.

The case was tried in Los Angeles where MySpace servers are based.