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Conviction against accused cyberbully dropped

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A federal judge is throwing out the conviction against a Missouri woman accused of cyberbullying. The teenage girl targeted incident committed suicide. Shirley Jahad has more.

A jury had convicted Lori Drew of misdemeanor charges in the cyber-hoax. She was accused of creating a fictitious teenage boy on MySpace, then flirting with and dumping 13-year-old Megan Meier all online. And all because Drew thought Megan had been calling her daughter names. Shortly after the cyberbullying incident, Megan committed suicide. Prosecutors didn’t charge drew with causing the death – but indicted her for computer fraud and abuse.

Instead of sentencing Drew, the judge tossed out the jury conviction. He says if Drew were found guilty, then anyone who ever violated the terms of a social networking site would be a criminal. And he says that would be unconstitutional.

The case was tried in Los Angeles because that's where the MySpace servers are based.