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Police say stay away from Jackson memorial

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Los Angeles Police are urging people to stay away from Staples Center Tuesday. That’s where the memorial for Michael Jackson starts at 10 o’clock. Police worry that as many as a quarter million people could show up – even though officers have barricaded streets for blocks around the center. KPCC’s Frank Stoltze has more.

The LAPD’s reportedly assigned more than 1,400 officers to crowd control.

Police Captain Bill Murphy: “Los Angeles Police Department is used to large crowds. We just did the Lakers parade a few weeks ago so we've done protests of a million to a half million. So we'll be prepared."

Despite officials’ requests for fans to stay away, 43-year-old Terry McKlain says she’ll get as close as she can to Staples. The airline ticket agent flew from her home in Seattle.

Terry McKlain: “I came Saturday, was camped out at the family home for about 12 hours seeing Jacksons come and go. Got to the airport, took a Super Shuttle, said, ‘Do you know where the Jacksons live?’”

McKlain says that before President Obama, Michael Jackson was her “true number one man.”