A lot of media, a few dedicated fans, line entry to Forest Lawn Memorial Park

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A few fans and plenty of media trucks from around the world are camped outside the cemetery that’ll likely become Michael Jackson’s final resting place. KPCC’s Molly Peterson is in the San Fernando Valley.

Two camps line the entrance of Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills. To the left are TV news trucks with satellite dishes extended dozens of feet in the air.

News organizations have taped off areas for their reporters to deliver live updates. some I talked to plan to stay here all night. Producers and on-air talent flee the afternoon heat in air-conditioned vans. To the right are fans from Japan, Europe, Brazil, even California. An LA police officer directing traffic said as many as 70 fans were here earlier; the remaining few huddle under golf umbrellas.

A woman I spoke with from Amsterdam described her group as fan-friends of the pop star, people who’ve visited Neverland Ranch or met Michael Jackson or both. She dismissed the cameras and helicopters buzzing overhead as disgusting.

None of these fans have tickets to tomorrow’s memorial at Staples Center; all of them said they wanted to find a way to honor their idol.