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Arcadia land use rules must meet CA “anti-sprawl” requirements

City leaders in Arcadia are meeting today to considering whether proposed land use rules meet new state standards. KPCC’s Molly Peterson reports.

State legislators passed what’s known as “anti-sprawl” legislation last year. The idea behind it is to cut carbon emissions at the municipal level through planning that emphasizes greater density, mixed-use development, and less travel time between home and work. Local officials have to plan for regional growth that includes future housing needs.

Arcadia’s one of the first cities in the Southland to tackle local planning rules under the new state mandate. City planners have proposed changing some rules to encourage growth downtown, where regional rail managers plan a Gold Line stop in the future.

But they’re not changing any rules in single-family residence areas – planners say those neighborhoods represent Arcadia’s historic character. The city council must approve changes to the general plan for the new land use rules to take effect. Other municipalities are watching Arcadia’s planning process as they begin their own.