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Governor’s chief of staff responds to critics of budget cuts

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Governor Schwarzenegger’s chief-of-staff is responding to critics of the cuts his administration has proposed. Susan Kennedy told KPCC’s Patt Morrison that there’s even room to trim programs for the most vulnerable Californians.

Susan Kennedy: "Where we have not yet gone very deep is in some of what’s called the health and human services social safety net programs. There are areas where, for example, in home support services, it’s a $5 billion program where people are hired to help folks at home to keep them out of nursing homes. It’s a very good program, but it’s a $5 billion program and everyone says it is rampant with fraud."

Kennedy said the state has notified home health care providers, and she maintained that those who shouldn’t be in the program will decide to drop out. She said she doesn’t believe a single state program will avoid cuts to close a $26 billion budget shortfall.