Bruno tops box office

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Gay Austrian fashionista Bruno tops the box office this week. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad has more …

Sasha Baron Cohen’s latest incarnation as wannabe celebrity “Bruno” brought Universal more than 30-million dollars this past weekend. The zany mock documentary opened strong but wrapped up the weekend on a downturn. Still a producer says the movie exceeded expectations saying for a movie that has no robots and no karate, it did terrific.

The animated “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” ran close behind with nearly 29-million.

The movie with a lot of robots has brought in a lot of money despite the crushing reviews from critics. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” came in third. It has pulled in nearly 340 million dollars in three weeks. And now the sequel has passed the original transformers in ticket sales.

Wrapping up the top five at the box office: Johnny Depp’s as John Dillenger in “Public Enemies”. And the Sandra Bullock romantic comedy, “The Proposal”