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Van Nuys or Sherman Oaks? LA City Council will vote on it

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A dispute over whether to re-designate an area of Van Nuys as part of Sherman Oaks is pitting neighbor against neighbor.

Lydia Mather, president of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council, told KPCC’s "Patt Morrison" that changing the area’s name would bruise Van Nuys’ reputation among people who live in the San Fernando Valley.

Lydia Mather: “I think it’s really about what they choose to identify with in terms of prestige and property values. I think it’s really about how they feel maybe like they’re not being perceived as equal to better healed parts of the city, and they wish to be perceived in that manner.”

Mather noted that the median household income in Van Nuys is about $41,000. In Sherman Oaks it’s $69,000. The Los Angeles City Council is scheduled to vote this week on whether to approve the name change for a one-square-mile area of Van Nuys.