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Republicans line up against federal health care reform proposal

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Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have voted on a health care reform bill along party lines. Enough Democrats supported the measure for it to move beyond the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

Republicans like Congressman John Campbell of Newport Beach oppose the bill. Campbell explained why to KPCC’s Larry Mantle.

Congressman John Campbell: "Amongst the problems and the complaints that I have is a) it’s going to cost a lot more money at a time when we have a gigantic deficit, record deficit, record debts, record all kinds of problems with the federal budget and we will have the federal budget in the same situation as the California budget very soon if we continue down this sort of path."

Campbell said the legislation could prompt employers to drop medical insurance for their workers and choose to pay the federal government to offer that coverage instead. Democrats say it would allow many more people to afford insurance.