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AIDS organization sues Health Dept. over adult film condom use

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is suing the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. The lawsuit alleges that the department is failing to combat the spread of sexually transmitted diseases on the sets of hardcore adult films.

Foundation attorney Brian Chase:

Brian Chase: "If the Department of Public Health knew workers at a factory were experiencing thousands of infections over the course of just a few years, they would be expected to do something. But when performers in the adult film industry experience sexually transmitted diseases at a rate significantly higher – 10 times higher – than the general public, the Department of Public Health does nothing."

The foundation wants the court to order L.A. County public health officials to enforce rules about condom use on pornography film sets. The county health department has said it supports state legislation and a state agency’s enforcement of the rules. The lawsuit follows a month after the revelation that an actress in adult films tested positive for HIV.