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Consent decree end doesn't mean LAPD culture has changed

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The recent lifting of a federal consent decree that regulated the Los Angeles Police Department reflects changes in its direction. But a longtime department observer says the changes have yet to eradicate what federal investigators called a pattern and practice of insensitive policing.

Civil rights attorney Connie Rice told KPCC’s Larry Mantle that many police still approach their jobs as they always have.

Connie Rice: "If you interview an officer today and ask them, 'Are you going to get promoted for not arresting a kid or are you going to get promoted for racking up arrests?' They’ll tell you, 'No, I’ve got to make a lot of arrests. I’m not going to get rewarded for spending the time to create a bond with the community. I don’t get rewarded for that. I get rewarded for doing aggressive radio call policing.'"

Rice, a member of the Southern California Public Radio board, has monitored the LAPD on behalf of the civilian L.A. Police Commission.