LA Marathon date changes again

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Like a disoriented runner, the Los Angeles Marathon has wandered from one spot on the calendar to another in recent years. KPCC’s Cheryl Devall says the L.A. City Council has voted to redirect the big race from Memorial Day to a Sunday in March to be determined.

This year’s L.A. Marathon started at the relatively cool time of 7:20 in the morning – earlier in the day than usual. But the event took place later in the year than usual, after L.A. Dodgers owner Frank McCourt bought the rights to stage it.

Marathoners, by and large, weren’t happy with the change to a warmer time of the year. Neither were many city of L.A. employees, including police and transportation workers. They didn’t like reporting for duty on a Monday holiday even with overtime pay.

The city’s chief legislative analyst came up with a compromise – return the marathon to a Sunday. That places the race on a day many runners like – and many clergy do not. Over the years, marathon officials have changed the route several times to minimize the number of worship services the street closings disrupt along the 26 mile course. Next year, they’ll do that again.