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Doo Dah surfers dress up and ride

Decked-out surfers gear up for last year's Doo Dah Surf!
Decked-out surfers gear up for last year's Doo Dah Surf!
Tricia (of Doo Dah Surf)

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The US Open of Surfing championships happening right now in Huntington beach. But just north of Will Rogers beach there’s a whole different kind of surf celebration underway.

Jahad: It’s the annual Doo Dah Surf. A couple hundred people are out catching waves in silly costumes. I just talked with Michael Uhlenkott . He’s an organizer of the event. He’s just getting out of the water for a break and described the scene and costumes

Uhlenkott: There are so many different kinds of costumes. There are aliens. There’s a princess. There’s a guy walking by me right now dressed in a Rocky Horror Picture Show outfit. There’s so much variety its incredible. There’s a nun taking off on a wave right now. Go Sister! She’s amazing.

Jahad: Uhlenkott says the nun and others are riding waves sometimes taller than they are. He says its been a bit scary at times, but the surf’s not as high as yesterday

The 7th annual Doo Dah Surf is a benefit for the surf Rider Foundation, an environmental group centering on cleaning up the beaches and oceans.

On Off Ramp this weekend, John Rabe takes us all along as he gets his feet wet attending a Doo Dah Surf.