LA residents react to LAPD Chief Bratton's resignation

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Word of Los Angeles Police chief Bill Bratton’s resignation yesterday spread quickly throughout the city. Bratton is taking a private sector job, leaving the LAPD on Halloween.

KPCC’s Shirley Jahad gauged reaction in a couple of Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Shirley Jahad: Along Martin Luther King Boulevard near Vermont Avenue, some people said it makes no difference on the street who the top brass is. Others said they had seen a difference with Chief Bratton in charge.

Terry Horn has lived in the area for 45 years. He credited Bratton with helping to ease tensions between African-American and Latino street gangs.

Terry Horn: They call it a beef in the streets. It was a lot of mistrust between the races, between gangs. He reached out to quell that situation.

Jahad: Chief Bratton focused the department’s attention on cutting crime in the McArthur Park neighborhood.

Linda Taalman is an architect with offices across from that park. She attributed the drop in crime to factors beyond the LAPD’s man at the top.

Linda Taalman: Who can really take the credit for doing the work that’s done by hundreds of people when it comes to running a police force?

Jahad: Taalman also said crime declined when the economy was booming. She’s not sure that trend will continue during a recession.