SoCal Iranian-Americans push for release of prisoners in Iran

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Iranian-Americans in Orange County are trying to keep the spotlight on events unfolding in Iran.

A couple hundred Iranian-Americans in Orange County turned out last night at the Irvine Civic Center to call for the release of political prisoners in Iran and an end to violence against demonstrators there.

Several Southern California elected officials came out and answered questions for people seated inside the Irvine City Council chambers.

Orange County Republican Congressman Ed Royce says he and Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman introduced legislation targeting telecommunications giant Nokia for helping the Iranian government interrupt communications.

Congressman Ed Royce: "We have this bipartisan bill that specifically gives these companies in Europe a choice. If they want to do business in the United States, then they are going to cease assisting totalitarian regimes, particularly the regime in Iran, in helping it exercise repression against the citizens in Iran."

Many of the people gathered in Irvine are still calling for a United Nations monitored election redo in Iran even after President Ahmahdinejad was sworn in this week to his second term.