Santa Monica park rangers add another mountain lion to tracking group

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Park rangers in the Santa Monica Mountains have added another mountain lion to the group they’re tracking in the area. More on the story from KPCC’s Molly Peterson.

For seven years, the National Park Service has trapped mountain lions, collared them with global positioning software devices, and let the lions loose again. The goal is to determine how and where the lions survive in an increasingly urban environment.

The mountain lions that remain in Southern California roam over one another's territories. That means they fight for land and food. Dominant lions have killed other ones.

Scientists believe several of the big cats are related. The newest female, collared just last month, is known as “P-13.” Park officials believe she may be the daughter of another female known as P-6. DNA testing will tell the tale in a few weeks.

P-13 is one of three lions whose GPS tracking collars are working. Biologists believe as many as seven lions live in the Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga, and Malibu Creek areas.