Car dealer says no promotion needed for end of Cash for Clunkers

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With the “Cash for Clunkers” program set to end on Monday evening, you’d think car dealers would be ramping up promotions to get car buyers to their lots before the deadline.

Well, not Norris Bishton, who owns six car dealerships in Los Angeles and Orange County. He says the federal government is taking care of publicity.

Norris Bishton: "They put out all these press pre-leases. It’s now on all the media that it’s coming to an end, so everybody is now rushing in. We don’t’ have to bring ’em in. We’re trying to deal with what is literally a feeding frenzy. I’m monitoring it hour by hour."

Bishton says “Cash for Clunkers” has helped his dealerships sell three times as many cars this month than in August of last year. But he says the extensive paperwork required by the government has kept his staff working very long hours over the past month.