Wheelchair attendants at LAX complain of lack of training

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Some employees of a company that assists passengers with disabilities at Los Angeles International Airport say they've haven't received adequate training. KPCC's Brian Watt says they've filed a complaint with the federal Department of Transportation.

Brian Watt: The company, Aviation Safeguards, provides wheelchair escorts for Southwest, Continental, and other airlines at LAX. Some employees say it's failed to train them and new hires how to escort passengers with a range of disabilities. At Terminal 2, protest organizer Jay Cagigas and a handful of workers confronted company officials with a list of grievances.

Jay Cagigas: We are hearing that some workers do not know how to secure people with disabilities into their wheelchairs and that some workers were not trained on things like not pushing wheelchairs on a slope facing forward.

Watt: When Cagigas and others pressed for a response, Aviation Safeguards regional vice president Joe Conlon called the complaints untrue and said the company's employees are among the best-trained at the airport.