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Retired justice O’Connor promotes educational games

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She may have retired from the U.S. Supreme Court three years ago, but former associate justice Sandra Day O’Connor still conducts outreach about the role of the courts.

She told KPCC’s Patt Morrison that the Web site tries to meet young people in a familiar venue.

Sandra Day O’Connor: "We have managed to put two very delightful and entertaining but educational games on the Web site. And we hope that the Web site will be used by middle school teachers all across the country."

O’Connor’s online version of the Supreme Court includes five women and four men from various ethnic and racial backgrounds. She was the first woman named to the nation’s highest court when she joined 28 years ago.

O’Connor lamented the disappearance of civic education from school curricula. She noted a recent survey that said while two-thirds of Americans can name at least one judge on American Idol, only one-third can name the three branches of the federal government – executive, legislative, and judicial.