California prepares new TV energy efficiency standards

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The California Energy Commission wants television manufacturers to take after the auto industry, at least when it comes to boosting energy efficiency. As soon as November the commission may require electronics retailers to sell TV sets that consume less power.

David Katzmaier, an editor with www.CNET.com, told KPCC’s Larry Mantle that some TV manufacturers are not fond of the new regulation.

David Katzmaier: “We looked at the list that the California Energy Commission put out, and they do list the TVs that pass, and there really aren’t many too many Panasonic plasmas on that list that pass the standard for 2011 or 2013, so they’re not going to be happy.”

The rules would roll out in two phases, beginning a couple of years from now. The first phase applies to TVs with screens of at least 58 inches. Larger-screen TVs are exempt until the second phase in 2013.