Federal judge upholds LA billboard restrictions

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The city of L.A.’s ban on so-called supergraphics – those multi-story ads that wrap around buildings – is staying in place for now. KPCC’s Cheryl Devall says a federal judge in Los Angeles shot down an advertising company’s challenge to the restrictions.

Under those limitations, Los Angeles prohibited the installation of new digital billboards and supergraphics within the city. Advertising company Liberty Media went to court seeking an injunction that would allow it to bypass the L.A. City Council’s new law and erect 16 new signs. U.S. District Court Judge Audrey Collins has signaled to the company that she would not halt enforcement of the month-old law.

Her tentative decision doesn’t mean a permanent moratorium on new signs in the city of L.A. Despite its ban, the city faces at least 20 other legal challenges from advertising companies that argue that the restrictions unconstitutionally limit their right to free speech.