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Activists call attention to police-involved shootings

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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies have shot and killed 13 people so far this year. Last year, the department reported five such shootings. KPCC’s Brian Watt says the issue of police violence is on the minds of activists in Inglewood.

Brian Watt: Too often, law enforcement mistakes cell phones or wallets for handguns, activists say. Kim McGill of the Youth Justice Coalition said that when police shoot any suspect in the line of duty, they should meet immediately with the victim’s family and not make immediate comments about the victim to the media.

Kim McGill: The kind of things that they’ve been saying as in, "this person had a weapon, this person was an armed and dangerous parolee, this person was on drugs,"’ many of those statements are retracted within days with the damage to the families and to the victim already done.

Watt: Civil rights groups in Inglewood also called on city officials to release an independent report on reforms in the Inglewood police department after officers shot and killed three unarmed suspects last year. The report’s been complete for at least a month. But the city, claiming attorney-client privilege, has not released it to the public.