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King of Pop Michael Jackson's burial cost $1 million

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Court documents show the cost to bury pop star Michael Jackson in September approached $1 million. The funeral nearly didn’t happen as scheduled.

Jackson died in June, and according to documents released yesterday, his mother, Katherine, submitted a request only three days before his burial for pre-payments by his estate. Without them, she claimed, the funeral wouldn’t take place.

Mrs. Jackson asked for $35,000 for her son’s burial garments; $30,000 for cars and security; $15,000 for a funeral designer; and more than $855,000 to Forest Lawn for cemetery and funeral charges, including the purchase of other crypts in the same mausoleum that houses Jackson’s body.

Estate administrators granted the request. Their lawyer, Howard Weitzman, said he would have done it less expensively, “but it was Michael Jackson, who was larger than life.”