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LA considers expanding the microchipping of dogs and cats

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The Los Angeles City Council is considering a proposal that would require microchipping dogs and cats people take home from city animal shelters.

L.A. city animal shelters already implant microchips in every dog and cat people adopt. The new owners pay the $15 fee. Microchipping rabbits is optional.

A proposal before the City Council’s Public Safety Committee today would require owners whose dogs or cats get loose and end up in an animal shelter to also microchip their pets. No mention of rabbits in the proposal.

L.A. Department of Animal Services officials say implanting a microchip is the safest and most reliable way to identify an animal. Collars fall off and I.D. tags get lost — but microchips the size of a grain of rice implanted in the scruff of the neck stay there forever.

Animal Control staff can scan microchips to find a unique nine-digit number that identifies pets through a private database.