Jury recommends death for SoCal cabbie's murder

INDIO — A Riverside County jury has recommended the death penalty for a 37-year-old Indio man convicted in the shooting death and robbery of a taxi cabdriver.

The panel announced its recommendation Monday, weeks after convicting Christopher Guy Jasso of first degree murder with special sentencing enhancements.

Prosecutors said Jasso and 26-year-old accomplice Fabian Perez summoned a cab in September 2003 so they could rob its driver.

After boarding the taxi as passengers, Jasso shot 30-year-old Carlos Cardona twice in the head and took $80 from his wallet.

Jasso is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 8.

Perez, who could also face the death penalty, is awaiting trial.

A call to Riverside County Public Defender's office was not immediately returned.

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