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Heavy snowfall leads to traffic problems, supply shortages in Big Bear

Big Bear Lake.
Big Bear Lake.
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San Bernardino County officials closed off access to Big Bear on Sunday night, except for people who live there and the ones who carry in supplies.

Heavy snowfall made it difficult for delivery trucks to make it up the mountain, which led to a supply shortage at grocery stores and gas stations.

The weather also caused problems for skiiers and others who wanted to spend a weekend in the fresh snow. Many cars got stuck and snow piled up around cabins.

"We get some wild young things who think a four-wheel drive makes them unlimited. And it's just not true. We pull them out of the berms all day long," said Mark Doucette, owner of the Community Market in Big Bear.

Doucette said a convoy was headed up the mountain early Monday afternoon to replenish stores' supplies. He said he only remembered two other years, in the late 60s and 70s, where snow caused similiar problems in Big Bear.

(Audio: KPCC's Alex Cohen talks to Doucette about the problems the snow has been causing in Big Bear)