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Oscar-nominated short films at a theater near you

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Most Oscar-nominated feature films have occupied big screens in these parts for weeks – if not longer. Not so for the short films. Starting today you can see which theaters will screen those nominees before next month’s Academy Awards.

Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures have delivered the nominated shorts to theaters for the last four years. It turns out these little movies pay off big time. Since they launched in 2005, the programs of animated and live-action short film nominees have reportedly charted a 289 percent boost in box office receipts at the theaters that screen them.

As with documentaries before they hit it big last decade, it used to be nearly impossible to see these mini films. Now, serious fans can enjoy them – and can also improve their prospects for winning the Oscar night pool on March 7. A list of theaters that’ll show the movies starting February 19th is available online at