LA Census officials launch effort to count homeless

A homeless man in Los Angeles, Calif.
A homeless man in Los Angeles, Calif.
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One of the big challenges during this year's census will be counting the homeless, but the city of Los Angeles has a new idea for making sure those without a home aren’t overlooked. The plan hinges on socks.

The Los Angeles Mayor's Office of the Census is asking residents to donate socks at L.A. police stations, city hall and other locations. The socks, along with food, will be distributed to the homeless during six events across the city on March 30.

Norma Vega, the executive director of the L.A. mayor's office of the census, says socks are a necessity that many people take for granted. She says the sock drive also serves another purpose.

“It’s our sort of small way of getting hopefully more awareness about this issue. And the socks are sort of a way to remind us on an everyday basis that we do have a population out there that needs help,” said Vega.

The March 30 events will be held as part of the US Census Bureau's homeless count program, "Make the Homeless Count," which takes place from March 29-31.