LA County Sheriff reopens shooting range

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The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department reopened its East L.A. shooting range Wednesday, after it fixed a problem with ricocheting bullets.

A sheriff’s instructor shows a visitor how to fire a 9 mm Beretta.

“Keep your finger off the trigger, until you’re ready to pull it,” he said.

Gunshots ring out along the firing line at the Biscailuz shooting range in East Los Angeles.

Five years ago, officials closed the range after bullets from high velocity guns ricocheted into the surrounding area. That won't happen now.

“The firing line’s enclosed so that if a bullet is accidentally fired up or to the rear or any direction other than at the targets there’s a panel that will actually stop the bullet so that no one’s injured," said Range Sgt. Dave Nell.

For nearly two decades, Nell has taught deputies how to shoot.

What are the most common mistakes?

“One is not remembering where their muzzle is pointed, and the other is remembering to keep the finger off the trigger so the gun doesn’t unintentionally go off," Nell said.

And mistakes always happen.

Last year, a deputy’s car keys became entangled with his gun and pulled the trigger, Nell said.

No one was injured, but the bullet blew a hole through his jacket and into the carpet at the Los Angeles Convention Center.