School districts make layoff lists

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Many school districts are sending preliminary layoff notices in the mail this week in anticipation of a deadline next week. Once those lists are out school officials still have plenty of heavy lifting before they complete the process.

A long list of school employees face layoffs. The California Teachers Association says nearly 20,000 teachers are on the list, with more to come.

School district lobbyist Kevin Gordon says district administrators are busy checking seniority and other state employment laws to make sure the layoffs stick.

"There have been some districts who go about this. And if you go about this the wrong way, when you get done with the process the layoffs don’t have an effect and you can’t save the money."

Because some school employees have successfully challenged their layoffs. Gordon says the severity of next year’s cuts will be obvious by the summer, when the state finalizes cuts and districts put a final stamp on layoffs.

"This time this is real. This isn’t going to be, waiting for someone at the last minute to come in with a big check that they’re going to present to school districts to get them off the hook. There’s going to be a lot of pain out there in schools."

Gordon, a lobbyist for schools, said half the cuts in last year’s state budget came from public education.