Strip teasing Storm Troopers? Must be Star Warz Burlesque

Poster of the Star Warz Burlesque show at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood.
Poster of the Star Warz Burlesque show at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood.
Courtesy of Courtney Cruz's Devil's Playground

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When it comes to options for weekend entertainment, the force is strong with this one… Tonight in Hollywood at the Music Box Theater, it’s the Star Warz Burlesque. Gorgeous gals will dress up like C3P0, Darth Vader and yes, even Jabba the Hut. And then, they’ll take it all off.

Courtney Cruz is the show’s producer. She says she was watching the original "Star Wars" film one afternoon when the idea for a burlesque show around the iconic films came to her. She says she was inspired by the incredible costumes in the "Star Wars" movies, especially the first three films.

"The newer ones they were cool," Cruz says, "but I think in the original ones the characters were so developed and have really been burned into our brains."

Cruz doesn't just produce the show, she's also one of the performers. In the past she's done a strip tease as a Storm Trooper. She made her costume with the help of set designer Carlos Flores using an old corset and bra and a flexible foam material called L200.

"It turned out to be one of the sexiest costumes I've ever been fortunate enough to wear on stage," Cruz says.

Tonight's show will happen at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood, though they've also done several versions of the "Star Warz Burlesque" at the Bordello bar. Videos from the shows have gained a lot of traction online.

"Fans of Star Wars are all in their 30s and 40s now," Cruz says. "This is something that helps them reminisce but it also takes it to a new level."

Advance tickets for the show are sold out, but Cruz says, they will be selling tickets at the door. Doors open tonight at 9 o'clock.