Spurned by Nevada, transgender female to wed in California

RENO, Nev. — Danielle Pauline Severson takes female hormones, dresses like a woman and plans to have sex reassignment surgery so she physically looks like a woman.

Yet the pre-operative transgender female, who was born Dana Paul Severson, will have to tie the knot as a man in California.

After being jilted by officials in Nevada, the 49-year-old Severson and 21-year-old Rebecca Love of Reno were granted a marriage license Wednesday by officials in Severson's hometown of Redding, Calif.

While both states prohibit same-sex marriage, officials in California said they consider Severson a man because that's what her birth certificate says. But officials in Nevada said they consider Severson a woman because that's what her driver's license says.

The two plan to get hitched sometime later this month in Redding.

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