Photogs stopped after tailing Lakers' Pau Gasol

Police in Redondo Beach, Calif., say two men they stopped for following Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol turned out to be Spanish paparazzi.

Sgt. Phil Keenan says Gasol told officers he saw the men following him before he got into his car Wednesday afternoon.

Keenan says the men tailed Gasol's car and the athlete was worried that they might be stalkers.

Gasol called a friend in law enforcement who told him to pull into the police station, and he described the men's black sedan to officers.

Keenan says officers pulled over the car near the station and officers discovered that the men worked for a Spanish news agency. They were allowed to leave and Gasol was escorted home.

Gasol is from Spain but lives in Redondo Beach, just south of Los Angeles.

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