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Food guru Jamie Oliver launches his "food revolution" show

Jamie Oliver is starting a
Jamie Oliver is starting a "food revolution"
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Chef Jamie Oliver has a new show aimed at educating Americans about how to shop and what to eat.

The United States has seen an increase in obesity and food related diseases over the past few decades, and this is the first time that parents will have a longer lifespan than their children. “Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver has launched a campaign to revolutionize the way Americans shop, cook, and eat.

Patt Morrison interviewed Jamie about his mission and “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” his new show on ABC in which he travels around the country teaching families about how to eat.

Oliver told Patt he sees the core problem not only in the way Americans eat food, but mainly in the options Americans have for food.

“Everyone knows that most towns now are bombarded with fast food, junk food processed food," he said. "We’ve gone from forty years ago mainly fresh, local food to mainly processed and not local food. That’s basically the problem.”

The chef’s goal is to educate Americans, starting at the elementary school level, that fresh foods are the best.

“At the heart of all revolutions you need answers," Oliver said. "You need something new, something different. And it really is as simple as working with families on how to shop and how to cook, because when you can shop and cook, you can save money and you’ve got choices.”

As far as eating himself, Oliver admits that he’ll indulge now and again, but he tries to make sure he gets balanced meals first.

“No one wants a food Nazi in their life,” he said. “My philosophy is everything in moderation and a little bit of what you like.”