Late fees waived under Santa Ana dog license amnesty program

Santa Ana dog owners who have failed to get their pets licensed can do so with no late fees until May 15, under a dog license amnesty program beginning Thursday.

City officials say they aim to reunite more lost dogs with their owners and give financially distressed pet owners a break.

Nearly all the animals at the Orange County Animal Shelter wearing a tag find their way home, officials said.

The licenses can be obtained at Santa Ana City Hall's Finance Division, 20 Civic Center Plaza, or by calling (714) 647-5257.

Pet owners need to get a rabies vaccination before obtaining a license.

The licenses will be discounted if the dogs are spayed or neutered. The discount will be offered during the amnesty to pet owners who have not gotten their dogs spayed or neutered, but will have to show proof of sterility within two weeks.

More information is available by calling Fernando Castro at (714) 245-8792 or Daphne Camacho at (714) 647-5257.